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2023-01-20 at 21:37 - comment by Normand

Thanks MaSid. Wow and Re-wow about such stunning, but also inspiring winter scenery. Won’t be able to ski for a good 3 weeks, but hopefully after we can catch each other on the trails.

2023-01-20 at 20:36 - comment by MaSid

Some winter ski days are just so great. Looks like you had one normand. Well done and earned. Thanks for taking us there with the photos. Probably a few more windows before the next “vortex”. See you on the trails soon.

Here’s another stoke the ski fire photo.

2023-01-20 at 09:58 - comment by Ray Yong

Beautiful pictures! Yup, winter's my favourite season in the Rockies.

2023-01-20 at 09:31 - comment by Normand

Thanks Chuck. It was your pictures of the nice ski conditions you recently described for REC, which encouraged me to get up there soon.

2023-01-20 at 08:08 - comment by Chuck

Awesome picture with the Red Chairs Normand, and thanks also for the valuable report.

Red Earth Creek to Red Chairs by Shadow Lake

Report Submitted by Normand
(trip) Date: Thursday Jan 19, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Jan 19, 2023 at 22:32




Awesome day on Red Earth Creek and all the way to the Red Chairs at Shadow Lake, with nice snow and fast (but safe) ski conditions. Great glide up and down, as well as grip with VR40. Tracksetting done all the way to the Shadow Lake turnoff at km 10.5. From there, decent tracksetting to the lodge and well snowmobile-packed too. Well-defined skier track to the lake and on it to the Red Chairs; the best I ever seen this time of the year. The return was fast and fun, just under 2 hours. Very nice chatting with Alex, lodge operator who had arrived to work around; he widened the trail on the way down Red Earth Creek with his snowmobile. Also had a nice chat with DEM around km 10, as he was heading in for some late pm and evening ski exploration in the Shadow Lake country. Beware of an ice flow at km 9.4, easily avoidable going down staying at right.

Total distance: 31.00 Km

Lonely Red Chairs under cloudy sky and moderate winds

First view of Mount Ball, about 1 km from the lodge.

Still some open water on the creek below Shadow Lake.

That cloud over the massif of Mount Ball just didn’t want to go away.

Double ski lanes on the lake, on the way to the chairs and beyond.

Even Pilot Mountain had a cloudy-looking hat.


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