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2023-01-25 at 21:02 - comment by Carole

I love that you are back for everyone to read and be entertained! Encouraging others to continue the fun!

2023-01-25 at 19:33 - comment by Helen Read

Old L.E. Phant: we all LOVE you on Skier Bob and now Skier Roger. We appreciate what you have to offer; what you have to bring to ALL THE REST of us on this site. Your poetry is heartfelt and tender and NOT ONE OF US is getting any younger. While 75 perhaps sounds young to you; perhaps it sounds old to me/us. I can only speak for myself on this website: I love your and your wife's presence on this website. We ARE a community to which you are an integral part. Thanks to Chuck andCarole, and this old and new website, you are back within the fold!! Thank You, Helen

2023-01-25 at 16:23 - comment by Chuck

Well Thank You, Mr. Old L.E. Phant.
My Dad loved Limericks, so it's high time I tried one.
I will use this opportunity to reveal another magnificent poem of yours, so that it can be found later under your name.
It was originally posted on the SkierBob website on February 28, 2020, and Bob Truman helped me find it recently.
Besides pasting it below, I will also attach the direct link. It starts with your introduction:

I haven’t been on my skis for more than a week so I’ve been entertaining myself with other people’s stories and pictures plus reliving memories of one of our trips this winter:

I lie there a while feeling some low,
“Get up” called my wife “You promised you’d go”.
I tried to think fast what excuse could I make,
I didn’t dare try an illness to fake.
She’s down in the kitchen making breakfast and lunch,
My job-load the ski gear we take quite a bunch.
We meet with the “Keeners” at the usual place,
We know they’re excited by the smile on their face.
The drive to the mountains is really quite fun
With joking and laughter and now risen sun.
I’m happier now its great to get out,
So dumb it would be to stay home and pout
Then at the trailhead some doubt had returned,
I’m now loosing back the points I had earned.
The Keeners are pumped we know they’ll ski far
As soon as they start out I get back in the car.
My wife doesn’t buy it her glare I can see,
“Get your ass in the saddle-You’re coming with me!”
My wife is still able to ski fairly well
She’s faster than me now so I call her “Gazelle”
The uphills were brutal both my pumps went red line
I wish I was home so I could recline
Downhills are deadly frightening things
Both skis start flailing like broken bird wings
Then it was over both of my legs sore
But I wouldn’t have missed it I wished we’d done more
In spite of myself I flash a big smile
The happiest feeling I’ve had for a while
We blast off to Canmore for munchies and beer
“Just one for you” “You’re driving my dear”
Me and Gazelle still best of friends
Nothing else matters when the day ends!

Direct Link to the poem

Response to Chuck's Limerick

Report Submitted by Old L.E. Phant
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Jan 25, 2023 at 12:24


No trip, alas..


The rhyme that you wrote ~ must not be ignored
So I looked in my head ~ where not much is stored
I scratched it a bit,
Gave it a small hit..
Next verse was the meager reward.

This game that we play ~ it feels a bit stealthy
I don't know your looks ~ or if you are wealthy
I don't want to quit
Its fun to trade wit
To me its hilarious and healthy


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