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2023-01-26 at 10:48 - comment by MaSid

Thanks gents for the good info!

2023-01-26 at 09:49 - comment by Alf Skrastins

R.M. (Raymond) Patterson was a great author of books about the Canadian west. He bought the Buffalo Head ranch in the Highwood Valley from George Pocaterra and you can read about his adventures in the Highwood and Kananaskis in his book "Buffalo Head".
Unlike all of the British military figures, whose names appear all over the Kananaskis Valley, R.M. Patterson and George Pocaterra actually spent considerable time exploring and enjoying this area.

2023-01-26 at 09:31 - comment by Chris S

Raymond Murray Patterson

2023-01-26 at 09:16 - comment by MaSid

Here’s one for the encyclopedia Alf: who was the Patterson Trail named after, assuming it’s a person? I’ve been calling the meadow “Patterson” merely because it ends up there, but would be good to know what the reference is.

PLPP Lookout-Elk Pass

Report Submitted by Alf Skrastins
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Jan 25, 2023 at 23:02


Graham and me


The conditions in the Elk Pass area of Peter Lougheed Park were absolutely amazing today. That's all the more remarkable since this comes after over a month of minimal snowfalls. It was very obvious that a tremendous amount of work had been done to harvest snow wherever possible, to build up low areas and to smooth out rough sections. Great work Dylan and Jodi!
We followed the latest grooming on Elk Pass-Hydro Line-Lookout (south to north) and Tyrwhitt, where we ran into SkierBob. From Elk Pass, we started down Hydro Line, but quickly veered off to follow the "Patterson Meadow" route... such an easy and scenic route!. We finished off by taking Fox Creek. Although the grooming was a few days old, it was fast and very much fun. A lot of work has been done to make Fox Creek so good in such a challenging season.

Approaching Kananaskis Fire Lookout from the south

Patterson Meadows route. Track is supportive, but bigger baskets are helpful for pole plants.

Fox Creek. Excellent grooming, but a few days old and very fast.


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