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2023-02-01 at 22:37 - comment by Helen Read

Sorry to miss you two on Lookout! I started from Upper Boulton around 10:30 and climbed W-J to Lookout. Agree, skiing down towards Hydroline was curvy fun until it wasn't. Sidestepped down one big steep hill about halfway down and put more VR 40 on before final exit onto Hydroline. Met a fellow named Craig who climbed much more efficiently than me. Fox was greatly improved from the refresh it got compared to day before. Moraine had its share of needles to complete my circuit.

ELK PASS, TYRWHITT and LOOKOUT - Where is everyone?

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Feb 01, 2023 at 20:32


Nordic Pulse reported tracksetting in the area last night, so our Wilderness Wednesday plan was in place.
While the ascent was a challenge, the descent was maybe more challenging! Be prepared for the 580 metre elevation gain and loss on this 20 km circuit.
But conditions were excellent, and so was the kick wax... VR40.
Enjoy this cold snow before it melts!

It starts off Easy...

...but the truth soon reveals itself!

Tyrwhitt was so peaceful

Is this the final climb?

Fire Lookout comes into view


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