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2023-02-09 at 16:55 - comment by NotDeadYet

On Feb 08, I skied to Deception Pass as a day trip. For many years I have skied perhaps once/year into Skoki as a day trip but cut this one short as time was running out possibly due to the slow conditions.
Lake Louise resort reports 23cm new snow in past 4 days with the ski-out still closed to resort skiers (but open at the trail head). Using half skins I "broke trail" on about 8cms new over a faint track up to the Larch run, where the old skier set track was more visible. I presume lodge guests can use the lifts for access as there were also negligible down tracks on the ski-out as JackB points out. This enabled me to ski down it without the usual continuous snow plough.
On the narrow steeper sections below Boulder Pass there were quite a few footprints, but they did not hinder ski progress. However, I found the narrow trail width (maybe 1 metre only) to be tricky on descent with 30 year old 210cms Karhru XCD's. A couple on AT gear enjoyed this section and the vehicle side of Deception Pass in good style. Ptarmigan Lake was as pretty as Jack's photo suggests. Overall, a scenic 7 hour day for 22km and 800m elevation gain. Until the ski-out is opened to the resort skiers, this favourite tour should remain in good condition despite a general lack of snow.
Of note, while the area near Fossil Mtn has the potential for avalanches, it is generally considered safe on the trail. Not guaranteed though.

Mt. Temple from near the Halfway Hut

2023-02-04 at 00:18 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Jack,

I love your picture of Ptarmigan Lake. That is a great shot of Fossil Mountain and it reminds me of when I skied down the drift in the picture at midnight to a full moon way back in the last century. It was a howling great midnight ride in July. I use to pack Rossignol slalom skis and Hanson ski boots up into that country to get summer time skiing thrills on various mountains. It was stunning what I could carry on my back with my Jansport D-2 backpack which was/is the best and biggest backpack for hauling heavy weights.

The valuable day light was used for pulling 8 lb Brook Trout out of Baker Lake and watching wolverines, that sometimes would steal the fish. The wolverines would either dig them out of 6 feet of cold snow storage, along with bacon and T-bones, or pull them up like a human with hands on the 20'line in which they were attached to for storing in the lake.

Democratize AB
Legalize Real Democracy Party (ca.)

2023-02-03 at 22:19 - comment by ulrikeski

Hi Jack: nice bluebird day for your trip. It must have been fast on the hard packed snow. I definitely appreciated having fast tracks and a bit softer snow on the ski out from Shadow Lake.

Skoki Lodge - Day Trip

Report Submitted by JackB
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 03, 2023

Submitted: Friday Feb 03, 2023 at 21:13




Skied into Skoki Lodge today. Quite a lovely day with a mix of sun and clouds and mostly light winds except at Boulder Pass, crossing Ptarmigan Lake, and at Deception Pass, where the wind blew very hard indeed. The temperature was about -6⁰C at Fish Creek parking lot in the morning, and there was a skiff of new snow, so blue wax (V30) worked well, except for where the strong winds had blasted the trail down to the snowmobile track, which was very hard packed. It was especially nice to be able to have lunch inside the Lodge today, since it was closed the last three times I skied in there, over the last two seasons. The ski out is suffering a bit from the lack of snow this season, but it helps that the downhill skiers are not using it at the moment; it is closed at the upper end but open at the Fish Creek parking lot end. A big plus is that there was no sign of any hikers having walked on the ski trail so far this season, which was a common occurrence in the previous two seasons.

Total distance: 28.30 Km

Ptarmigan Lake and Deception Pass from Boulder Pass

Looking towards Skoki Lodge from Deception Pass


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