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2023-02-04 at 22:55 - comment by Diana Piggott

MaSid, it was a beautiful day out in the mountains, and we all had a pretty good time :-)

2023-02-04 at 19:09 - comment by MaSid

Everyone must have read your report this morning, very few folks about on the trails today. Saw only 4 skiers and two snow shoers on my return to the main trails in the afternoon. But glad to see you were out skiing, despite the conditions. Probably some on and off flurries next while based on weather pattern, so maybe things might get covered enough.

PLPP Needlemania

Report Submitted by Diana Piggott
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 03, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Feb 04, 2023 at 08:14


Skrastins club


We skied the Elk Pass trail, Fox Creek and Upper Lake connector on Friday. The snow and grooming would have been fantastic, but alas the wind got there before we did. Areas away from trees were very nice, but most of the trails were covered in debris, and of course Fox Creek was quite a mess.

Upper Lake connector, which I had never skied before.


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