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2023-02-05 at 18:08 - comment by Janice P

Love your story in rhyme Old L. E. Phant

2023-02-05 at 15:55 - comment by Old L.E. Phant

To Janice and Charlie and all others:

It had been agreed ~ today would be the day
We were now overdue ~ to go out and play

The sky looked a bit hazy ~ but the temp seemed OK
So we'll load up the women ~ and be on our way

Now where do we head for? We want something quite
Bragg Creek was mentioned ~ as the answer to that

The trip out was fine ~ we need not a map
Didn't even get caught ~ in that awful speed trap

The wind felt quite bitter ~ as we unloaded skis
We were not prepared ~ for such a cold breeze

Some noses were running ~ some hands got too cold
We better get moving ~ before we're too old

So over the bridge now ~ took Crystal line East
Got clear of the dogs ~ that was better at least

Our route then changed ~ from green line to blue
We surprised ourselves ~ at what we could do

The cold hands warmed up ~ our spirits got better
We happy to be there ~ no more talk about weather

And then someone said ~ so where will we eat?
Lets go back to the shack ~ and dine in the heat

Too soon it was over ~ We headed back home
We talked about "next time" ~ and where we might roam
February first ~ it was really not bad
Others have posted ~ what good fun they had

The wind had been chilly ~ more than expected
Next time for sure ~ we'll be better protected !

Participants: Old LE, wife Gazelle, and two other women.
Distance travelled: -not much but very good for us!

2023-02-05 at 14:23 - comment by Old L.E. Phant

2023-02-05 at 08:22 - comment by Chuck

So glad that you too Janice have brought your poetic skills over to SkierRoger.
Readers can reacquaint themselves by clicking in the "renowned poet" highlight in this article when SkierBob retired:
And glad that you also had a Glorious day at Lake Louise yesterday!

2023-02-05 at 07:45 - comment by SkierRoger

Heck, and it rhymes too!

Thanks Janice

Glorious day at Lake Louise

Report Submitted by Janice P
(trip) Date: Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Feb 05, 2023 at 01:14


Charlie and me


We went in search of fresh cooler snow
So off to Lake Louise we did go
Fairview and Upper and Lower Telemark were the goal
And the ski turned out great for body and soul
The trail report showed Fairview as “fair”
But the trail was wonderful and in perfect repair
The glide was super and the tracks were fast
We skied with great strides and had a blast
No loop today as we reached Moraine Lake road
Around we turned to give Fairview another go
Then onto the Lake we did venture
So many folks skating and having adventures
Across the lake to enjoy the view
Then up to ski Telemark just us two
Telemark was great with soft fluffy snow
Thrilling skiing down but able to go slow
Double poling along Lower Telemark was the best
Gentle rolling terrain in the beautiful forest
The snow clad beauty of the magnificent trees
With the temperature just below zero and nary a breeze
Any day I can ski I say yes please
Today I’m so glad we decided to ski Louise

Total distance: 22.00 Km


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