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2023-02-08 at 20:50 - comment by Mahaffey

I guess you were the folks whom my group followed up to the top of the Lookout! You got the virgin snow! We had better luck with extra blue wax and were able to herringbone much less than you.
Our route after that was down Pocaterra to the Visitor Centre. The new snow got increasingly scanty but still managed to cover up most of the needles.
The new snow is not thick and is on top of concrete snow, so it won’t last — everyone should get out to PLOPP asap before it gets all scraped off on the downhill runs!

The lovely view from the top of the Lookout. We stayed quite a while to enjoy it!

2023-02-08 at 19:30 - comment by ErinP

Haha thanks aqua toque, although I can’t take credit for mother nature’s magnificence!!
And Helen, I wouldn’t say we were non stop but we made it! 😅

2023-02-08 at 18:32 - comment by Helen Read

Truly an EPIC climb for you guys!!! NON stop from parking lot to top of L/O!! That's at least one well-earned Magnum Ice Cream bar. Congrats to you both and perfect conditions to boot.

2023-02-08 at 18:05 - comment by aqua toque

Yes. That's what I'm talkin' about!

Those. Are. Stunning.

Velvet snow at PLPP

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Feb 08, 2023 at 16:03


Me and JeffG


The crazy snow squall that we drove through just north of Kananaskis village felt like a test of bravery (or maybe just obsessiveness) before the reward: PLPP! What a gorgeous day with fabulous conditions. Jeff Goldberg and I started out from Elk Pass lot around 10am and -3, and we climbed…and climbed…and climbed up Hydroline and then South Lookout; we could see where the tracks had been but there were a few cms in them, especially on Lookout. Then down North Lookout (easy peasy with the soft, velvety snow and recent grooming underneath), across a slow but beautiful Tyrwhitt, and back down Elk Pass and Fox Creek to enjoy the great and newer tracks. Our fish scales worked really well today, but I bet any type of ski would have felt great. 0 degrees at 2pm when we returned, tired and sore but happy with the epic ski!
(Aqua toque, today was a much more inspiring day for photos than yesterday!)

Total distance: 20.00 Km

Sunny Hydroline

Are we there yet??

Last big climb!


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