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2023-02-11 at 08:36 - comment by HenryL

They look a bit like nacreus clouds in your great photo.

2023-02-09 at 17:16 - comment by Sky.high

Jip and I classic skied Elbow/Iron Springs loop this morning, the south portion had been groomed, presumable by parks, VR45 provided reasonable grip but rapidly changing temps also provided some icing. In the afternoon we skate skied Moose loop, glide steadily improved as temps fell away mid afternoon and we enjoyed relatively effortless return to the parking lot, payback!!
Amazing what a difference a small layer of fresh snow makes, hope WBC's Rabbit is back online soon

Lovely conditions at WBC

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Thursday Feb 09, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Feb 09, 2023 at 13:34




After seeing the snow on the WBC webcam yesterday, instead of heading to Lake Louise, I decided to checkout Bragg - what a great decision! Got there at 0815, with temp at -11. Nothing was groomed, but all the trails were skier trackset, mostly in the old tracks. As previously mentioned by gh, 8-10 cm of snow virtually everywhere, and the coverage in the trees wasn't really noticeably thinner. Skied Lower West Crystal, Moose Connector, Mountain Rd, Mountain View West, Moose (outer), and back by Moose Connector and Upper West Crystal. All trails in great condition. Since they're skier trackset, they're a little wobbly here and there, but otherwise it was a real treat.

By the time I finished 3 hrs later, temp was 1 deg., and still no sign of grooming.

Lower West Crystal Line

Mountain View West


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