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2023-02-14 at 14:11 - comment by Ray Yong

Septuagenarians - Thanks for the suggestion. I was wary about putting glide on the skins, worried it would remove a good amount of grip, but I'll give it a shot.

DAB - Thanks for the compliment and the suggestion. Hopefully I'll hit the right conditions next time I'm there.

2023-02-14 at 00:28 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Hey Ray,

Your photo #5 at the bottom of your report is pretty killer. Well framed and there are some cool lines which move the eyes through the pic. Very nice terrain. Cool sun trying to peak through the trees adds a nice effect. Lots to see in this shot. The dead wood at the bottom of the pic seems to point down hill suggesting to point the skis down and ski all that white stuff below. If it was not baseless, that would be sweet turns on my 200 cm Rossi slalom downhill boards.

If you ever ski to that spot again, try taking another pic closer to the ground to see if you can get a shot without the branches from the deciduous tree obscuring the mountain in the distance while trying to keep the dead wood in the pic at the bottom of the shot. That may or may not be possible but it may be worth it.

2023-02-13 at 18:56 - comment by Septuagenarians

We have been using skin skis all winter and have never had clumping, or even incipient clumping. We apply a rub-on Glide and Skin wax made by STAR. In the glide zone we rub on as much as we want and cork it in thoroughly. On the skin, we just make a single one way pass with the wax, and single one way pass with the cork, in the direction of the ski glide. We keep the cork very clean. Today we used yellow which is for +5 to -5.

2023-02-13 at 18:53 - comment by MaSid

And more good news…….snowfall warning in affect:


2023-02-13 at 18:22 - comment by Helen Read

Terrific report Ray and somehow I also experienced clumping in the sun today on Baker Creek to Lookout. Somehow I have forgotten to hit SUBMIT and no time to rewrite. You might lure me there.......like you I have not done any of the north trails as yet.

Pocaterra - Finally! - Pocaterra, Come along, Pocaterra, Lynx, Amos, Wheeler, Whiskey, Pocaterra

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Monday Feb 13, 2023

Submitted: Monday Feb 13, 2023 at 17:05




After reading Sara M's Pocaterra report, I decided it was finally time for me to start there. I've been avoiding it, waiting for better conditions. Boy did that work out! Arriving at 0800, there was 3-5 cm of fresh snow covering the extensive debris from yesterday's wind. Temp was -3 at the trailhead, under cloudy skies.

Snow was small-grained but humid, making for slow going, but it's hard to beat the beauty of a fresh trail.

Snow thickened as I climbed, and by the time I reached the Whiskey/Pocaterra/Tyrwhitt junction, I was in an all-out blizzard for about 15-20 minutes, adding 3-4 cm to the 6 or 7 cm already there.

The sun came out and changed conditions quite a bit. Any areas in the sunlight became pretty sticky, and I had a lot of clumping, even under the skins of my skis. Fresh glide wax helped on the glide areas.

Temp was -2 at the trailhead at 1330 - a really slow ski, but absolutely gorgeous.


Pocaterra/Lynx Junction

In the snow approaching the Whiskey/Pocaterra junction

And then the sun came out

Yup, spoiled to be able to ski here.


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