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2023-02-23 at 08:06 - comment by ChrisL

I agree Jeff, we love it there too. We did several scrambles in Castle-Crowsnest, some great challenges, rock colours are incredible and it's pretty quiet.

2023-02-21 at 18:29 - comment by JeffG

We used to xc ski Syncline, Chinook and Fernie when down in the Crowsnest Pass for some winter fishing and R&R. Wonderful skiing when conditions are good. I’m so glad to see a report on nordic skiing in the Crowsnest Pass, one of my favourite spots on earth!

Syncline South & Allison-Chinook - Castle Prov Park & Crowsnest Pass

Report Submitted by ChrisL
(trip) Date: Saturday Feb 18, 2023

Submitted: Monday Feb 20, 2023 at 10:02




First XC skiing experience in that region, we started with Syncline South as we didn't have much time. It felt more like a hike than skiing, but conditions were okay. No tracksetting, hard surface covered with a bit of fresh snow, easy trails and a few dry spots on Lake Loop and Fox Run.

Allison-Chinook the next day was much better. A bit more snow, ski-only trails like Whiskey Jack (our favorite), Whitetail and Camp were great. Marten wasn't bad either. Single-track set, we would avoid shared trails as much as possible next time. Rainbow Run was short, not enough snow. Mainline was icy for the first 200 metres or so.

Total distance: 26.00 Km

Down Whitetail

Rainbow Run, turning back. Nice view of Crowsnest Mountain.

Fox Run, nice view of Table Mountain.

River Loop


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