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2023-02-21 at 08:26 - comment by MaSid

Might get lucky and be able to see this track. Probably won’t get groomed for a few days while they play catch up with the rest of the system.

Telephone Loop (has anyone seen my ski tips?)

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Monday Feb 20, 2023

Submitted: Monday Feb 20, 2023 at 15:11


Slow but pleasant travel around telephone loop in about 8” of reasonably cold dry powder over a thin base (some pole tip bang). If you don’t like staring at your ski tips all day, this was the spot. First tracks 75% of the way around, until getting passed at the end (a pleasant relief, finding my ski tips again). Only the one pointy rock on the east side, otherwise no hazards CCW. Wobbly skier set back on the ungroomed main trails (2pmish). A good day of powder not far from home. For those liking same, you can do it all again tomorrow! Track will probably be completely covered, but with more and even lighter snow. (-:

Lots of fun pushing snow down hill.


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