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2023-02-21 at 12:27 - comment by ulrikeski

Hi Helen: the Goat Creek parking lot was open yesterday, we parked there. Should be lots of more snow today. Enjoy.

2023-02-21 at 07:16 - comment by Helen Read

511AB saying Goat Creek parking lot is still temporarily closed. Did you start at the lower parking space, just beyond the main lot and ski up boundary that back way? Thanks. We might not even be able to see the new tracks today.

2023-02-20 at 19:34 - comment by ulrikeski

Hi Chuck:
When we started out from the Goat Creek parking I said to Gary that I'm sure we would run into you breaking trail from the Banff end.

2023-02-20 at 18:47 - comment by Chuck

Well chosen Ulli... Thanks for the intel

2023-02-20 at 17:17 - comment by BonnyTasky

It was indeed a fun ski! We passed you I think having just performed an impressive snow angel :)

Winter is back on Goat Creek

Report Submitted by ulrikeski
(trip) Date: Monday Feb 20, 2023

Submitted: Monday Feb 20, 2023 at 15:42


Finally new snow!! We enjoyed a very pleasant ski down Goat Creek in 10cm light fluffy snow. Two skiers broke trail ahead of us to the Goat Creek bridge. We continued trailbreaking to the first Spray River bridge. Then we met up with the tracksetter going East. Glide was great in the new tracks with our LT skis. Pleasant temperature and calm at the shelter for lunch. Other skiers were coming from Banff. The return ski was delightful. Welcome back winter!


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