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2023-02-22 at 09:50 - comment by Peter N

Glad you had a fine ski. Would prefer skiers going up Whiskey Jack rather than descending. Skier Bob explained reasons several times years ago: First, on several sections you're scraping a lot of snow downhill by strong snowplowing. Secondly, there's a sharp turn at base of steepest section. One often sees sitzmarks there, and uphill skiers cannot see the out of control downhillers. Several folks have been injured there. Best to ski Bob's special in original clockwise direction. Just my $ 0.05.

2023-02-21 at 08:23 - comment by MaSid

Thanks as always for helping keep the meadow tracks alive and flowing, and of course to a large group of ACC staffers for doing same. P.S. that was dianna p who was on skogan and spotted the lynx.

Reverse Skier Bob Special adding West Elk and Patterson Meadows.

Report Submitted by Helen Read
(trip) Date: Monday Feb 20, 2023

Submitted: Monday Feb 20, 2023 at 18:07


Brenda and I


Parked at Upper Boulton (-8) and thought we would have first tracks on Moraine until about 12 World Masters wearing blue jackets FLEW by us. Chatted at Blueberry table with two ACC guys (one from Edmonton) who had been at Elk Lakes Cabin working on various jobs there, as the entire cabin was dedicated this w/e to ACC staff and members. They all SO appreciated Ma Sid's beautiful trail through the West Elk Meadows. We did also to the Hydroline and back, then skied up Patterson to refresh those meadows. Sun came out on and off. Snow on Tyrwhitt picnic table maybe 3+ cms. -3 back at the car after a fun ski down Whiskey Jack. Super skier set tracks everywhere. More snow looked like it fell on Ribbon Trails so hope Skogan gets another groom soon. Beautiful photo of injured lynx Ulrike!

Total distance: 23.00 Km


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