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2021-11-25 - comment by Mnorton

I skied Cascade this afternoon around 4pm, better than I thought, better than Moraine or 1A. The classic track looked pretty good, the skating was not groomed. They did a classic track up one side and down the other, but not the middle. There was a staggering amount of Wolf activity, made me a bit nervous. Just past the bridge was a kill site, looked like a scene from Dexter.

CASCADE VALLEY - Very different conditions today!

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 25, 2021

Submitted: Thursday Nov 25, 2021


Was not planning to make a report today, but as conditions have changed so much since yesterday, I thought I'd better.
VR-45 kick wax worked very well for me today.
Lots of people out enjoying access to trackset skiing closer to home.
Had hoped the Banff tracksetter might have pushed the grooming a little further... but no such luck!

Mild temperatures and a dusting of snow last night made for nice glide in the track today

3 wolves have come right down to the Minnewanka road

I wonder what they are digging for

Peter N is back in the groove this year

Deb & Ann blow past me

James & Teresa haven't removed all the overhanging bushes yet!


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