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2023-02-25 at 22:10 - comment by Little Bs

MaSid and aqua toque - Sorry, but due last-minute evening plans we won't have time to post our report until tomorrow. But it will be worth the wait - international human smuggling, cults, and the dark web!

2023-02-25 at 04:02 - comment by MaSid

Excellent! Seems like prime little B conditions these days.

2023-02-24 at 22:38 - comment by Little Bs

MaSid and aqua toque - Thanks for your concern about us. We hope to have a shocking report posted tomorrow evening.

2023-02-24 at 15:58 - comment by Mike Nozdryn-Pl

Here here, I am happy to second that.
I will try to remember to carry lots of cookies with me next time I am there.

2023-02-24 at 12:04 - comment by EPK

To Groomer Bill: You and the crew at WBC are Hero's to the XC community and I am consistently amazed by your efforts and support WBC with contributions regularly.

2023-02-23 at 21:33 - comment by Groomer Bill

We currently avoid grooming below -25C not to save our asses but to save our equipment. We currently have about $30-40k in outstanding repairs. Trying to keep on top of all these repairs is expensive and very time consuming. Working our equipment in all temperatures is dangerous, time consuming and expensive. If someone out there has deep pockets we would love to hear from you. If you would like to work on our equipment at all hours of the day and night we would also like to hear from you. Please support your local volunteer with kind words and hard earned cash (a few cookies goes a long way :) )

Groomer Bill

2023-02-23 at 19:02 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Hey Sid,

The Banff Federal tracksetters on snowmobiles are a lot tougher than those tracksetting with enclosed cabin Provincial snow cats. The Federal Banff tracksetters have been working like tough mountain people in this cold spell which I greatly appreciate.

When I was a major sled or snowmobile skier, we would be out in as cold as -42C temperatures pounding trails up mountains for deep powder ski access. The same thing when I worked up in the northern part of Alberta. I did not even have hand warmers on the sled in those days, but the heat of the air cooled engine would keep me plenty warm along with my well chosen clothing.

Bravo to the tougher Federal snowmobile tracksetters working in the cold.

2023-02-23 at 15:40 - comment by aqua toque

Yeah. Hope all is well in The Land of Pink.

WBC update

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Thursday Feb 23, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Feb 23, 2023 at 10:58


Was reading on Nordic pulse that they have a policy of not grooming until above -25, hence why things only got groomed but not trackset since this last dump. Was wondering why when they are usually on it quick. So things should get trackset Friday and Saturday.

On another note, where’s the Little B’s and the Big B (bob) these days?


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