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2023-02-24 at 20:21 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for emailing me this great picture, Helen.
Glad you folks had fun!

Glorious Day!!!

2023-02-24 at 19:05 - comment by ErinP

😂 Looks like you had a great ski!

While Erin was checking out the Biathletes at CNC, her father, Jeff G was at Skogan Pass

Report Submitted by Helen Read
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 24, 2023

Submitted: Friday Feb 24, 2023 at 18:34


Jeff G, Juliana, Brenda, Rhona, and me.


We managed to all get to Nakiska by 11:30 driving in white out conditions through Lac Des Arcs and just beyond Casino. Temp -18 and first tracks (unless someone else's were blown in). 600 M climb was relatively easy after the gargantuan effort of Ribbon Creek Groomer yesterday in brutal temperatures and wind. Descended a bit to a sunny bend in the trail as we were ravenously hungry by now. Super "safe and secure" ski down for me, but others loved the speed. We finished in -12 and were not bothered by wind hardly at all. No signs of lynx or skunk prints or other skiers. Looked like Sunburst/High Level got some tracks today. Imagine Skogan Pass will see alot of traffic tomorrow.

Total distance: 19.00 Km


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