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2023-02-25 at 15:40 - comment by MaSid

Fully in agreement with Ray. Great photo. Tried creating same while on telephone with no good results (other than getting dusted lots), so glad you made it work. Be a good screen saver as one of those “live” photos.

2023-02-24 at 22:21 - comment by Ray Yong

That sun beams picture is gorgeous! Nice job!

2023-02-24 at 21:58 - comment by Kinga

The scenery was superb at Sandy today and the temp felt good. Caught about a km of track at the end of the day. Still a bit soft, hopefully they set overnight and should be wonderful tomorrow. Wind portending a chinook began to blow by late afternoon.

Reasonably warm at Sandy McNabb!

Report Submitted by Sara M
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 24, 2023

Submitted: Friday Feb 24, 2023 at 21:36


SpotWX was calling for -15 at noon at Sandy McNabb, so I headed out. It was actually -18, but that's a lot better than the -28 on the highway on the way there! I see on Nordic Pulse that everything has been trackset this evening. I skied before the tracksetting was done, but everything was awesome! It was my first time skiing there and I was quite pleased. Fun hills, beautiful sun, lots of snow falling from the trees. Good times! A balmy -12 when I left.

Total distance: 26.00 Km

Sunbeams in snow falling from the trees


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