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2023-02-26 at 21:54 - comment by Chuck

Thank you Jean-Francois for your valuable analysis.
I believe you are right, and look forward to your future reports here.
By the way, I also had the pleasure of meeting Dave today... a friend of Normand... whom I am also looking forward to hearing from (and/or skiing with).
A demain (in english: to the future)

2023-02-26 at 21:06 - comment by Jean-Francois

Howdy Chuck,
I did the exact ski yesterday in approximately the same time but I had no one to chat with (except Mike W I had the pleasure to meet for the 1st time)
Regarding the comment by Ken, I don’t think SkierRoger is more technical, it’s just that the facebook group has a larger audience with a lot of new /novice skiers mostly on waxless / skin skis, hence less interested by the type of wax used, etc..SkierRoger has been a great improvement over original SkierBob website with the ease to post photos, to comment and to search for specific area / trail and SkierRoger trip report is my daily go to in the evening.
I have been lazy and just reporting on the facebook group and for my next trip I will report here as well.
Bonne soirée,

2023-02-26 at 17:58 - comment by Chuck

Thanks for your interest Roger,
I was using VR45 wax, which matched perfectly with today's temperature range (-2 to -8 on old snow).
And from the inquiries I received along the trail, I think there will be a few converts!

2023-02-26 at 17:48 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for the great trip report, Chuck.

By the way, what wax did you use ?

GOAT CREEK TRAILHEAD (To and from Banff) - It's the Voyage, Not the Destination!

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Sunday Feb 26, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Feb 26, 2023 at 17:43


What a fun Voyage it was.
Great conditions and so many cheerful skiers to chat with!
Interesting to chat with Ken about websites. He is an expert skier on Tanya's YYC Facebook website, and suggested that we on the SkierRoger website are too technical. So I won't bother telling you what wax I was using. I hope he reports how important it is for skiers to stay in control, lest they end up in an unintended hug on a downhill curve!
I should mention that this was a 38 km ski with 550 metre elevation gain. It took me just under 4.5 hours of moving time, but add another hour for my chatting time!

Numerous skiers seemed to be escaping Canmore today, including Daniella and Yvette!

The trail east of Goat Creek needs a refreshed trackset

Nice to once again be allowed to see this view near the East end of the trail

Nathan tries to take the lead for his family from Fernie

The parking lot at the Goat Creek Trailhead is HUGE, even with a circular roadway!

Kirsten and Anne catch up with me on the return to Banff near the Goat Creek bridge.


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