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2023-02-27 at 06:25 - comment by aqua toque

Vørt dår færk?!!!

2023-02-27 at 00:49 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Little B's,

I figured the Waterton covert ops skiing would be appealing to the Little B's. It was like the Little B's wrote the article themselves.

There is plenty of safe terrain in Waterton that will not leave the Little B's buried until summer. However a Chalet at the Campbell Icefield sounds quite appealing and is highly recommended skiing by many.

Ski long and prosper.

2023-02-26 at 22:27 - comment by Little Bs

Thanks for the suggestions DAB, in particular the covert op link. We had considered Waterton, but decided against it due to the avalanche risk alert - https://parks.canada.ca/pn-np/ab/waterton/bulletins/6EA2E99E-4E15-4227-839F-AB5BE3DBD454 . Instead we plan to take him to Campbell Icefield Chalet next week.

2023-02-26 at 21:24 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB


Sorry to hear what the Collective put your Dad and Carl through!

I suggest you release them from the secure safe house and have them go through their intensive deprogramming and rehabilitation down in Waterton at the Prince of Whales or at the Alpine Club Cabin during the nights and undergoing daytime treatment consuming white powder in these mind altering locations:





Skiing Waterton covertly:


Prescribed daily white powder amounts seen here:


If the mind is not fully deprogrammed then use this website for foreign programmed figures:


Good luck with the deprogramming and rehabilitation. If all else fails see: lrdp.ca

The Little B's Undertake a Daring Rescue!

Report Submitted by Little Bs
(trip) Date: Sunday Feb 26, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Feb 26, 2023 at 19:47


The Little B's and the Pink Web


Some of you faithful readers have expressed concern about our welfare given that we haven't posted a report in a while. Rest assured we are well, but you unfortunately need to redirect your concern to our Dad, Mike W: In mid-December he went to Toronto for a couple of weeks to visit family. In his absence we flew to Norway to ski with our godmother, Cecilie Skog, who we introduced to you in a report last year - https://www.skierroger.ca/index.php?date1=2022-04-09&date2=2022-04-09&sent=UpdateDates&content=search&gobutton=Find&author_report=Mike+W . We won't go into all our Norway adventures here, since they're documented on SkierRoger's sister site https://www.SkiløperHróðgeirr.no . (Temporarily down for maintenance.)

We were scheduled to return home after Christmas when Dad got back from Toronto, but he caught a bad cold and told us to stay in Norway until he recovered. We got an update in mid-January that his cold was gone but he needed more time to build up his strength. After a couple of weeks without hearing from him and unable to contact him, we flew home and found him GONE!

We had no idea where he went. All his XC and backcountry gear was still here. We appealed for help to our contacts on the Dark Pink Web, who were able to hack into his email account. It appears that during his weakened state, he was groomed by the notorious human smuggling ring know as "The Collective" - https://mountaincollective.com/ . We don't know how The Collective became aware of Dad, but surmise that it was related to our rescue of Carl V M's "Scratchies" earlier this year - https://www.skierroger.ca/index.php?content=showski_basic&id=1418 . This guess was reinforced by other emails indicating that The Collective had got Carl V M in their clutches as well!

It appears The Collective kidnapped Dad and Carl the previous day and smuggled them into the US. Our Pink Web contacts reported that The Collective's modus operandi to evade capture is to keep their victims on the move, spending no more than 2 days at each of their lairs. We took off in hot pursuit while our Pink Web contacts continually fed us further information. Often we would arrive at one location to find we had missed them by only a few hours. But we were determined not to give up. To confuse state authorities, The Collective moved Dad and Carl across state lines a total of 12 times! We finally caught up with them in Big Sky, Montana where we staged a daring mid-air rescue on the Ramcharger high-speed chair lift, and whisked them to safety back in Calgary.

They are now being held in a secure safe house undergoing intensive deprogramming and rehabilitation. All indications are that they'll make a full recovery from their traumatic ordeal. We even hope to take Dad on a long overdue ski adventure later this week.

I know many of you will want to send flowers and best wishes to Dad for a speedy recovery. He asks that in lieu of flowers you make a donation to PINKSS (Protection of Innocent Neglected Kids Skis Society).

Total distance: 3418.00 Km

The Collective's Lairs


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