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2023-02-27 at 20:44 - comment by Chuck

Thank you Jean-Francois for informing us of this vile incident.
I have always thought that all cross-country skiers were the best of people.
Stay Cool out there.

2023-02-27 at 17:36 - comment by MaSid

Brutal! Thanks JF

2023-02-27 at 17:00 - comment by Jean-Francois

Hi MaSid,
There was an “incident” between 2 skiers (it was Saturday and not Sunday), here is an extract from a post on Facebook: “The Cross Country Skiing YYC Facebook group was contacted regarding a West Bragg Creek Altercation. This occurred on Saturday Feb 25th; approx. 2-3pm, on Mountain Road near “the gate” as shown in following comment.
Required: if anyone witnessed or knows of the physical altercation between two male skiers on the Moose road near the gate around 2-3pm Saturday, witnesses are kindly requested to contact the RCMP.
The victim was assaulted resulting in concussion, jaw fracture, multiple bruises and contusions that required emergency room treatment. The assailant skiid off after the physical and verbal assault. The victim and their partner believe there were several witnesses, including possibly acquaintances of the assailant. A report was made to the WBC Trails, the CO and the Cochrane RCMP with a file being opened.

2023-02-27 at 16:37 - comment by MaSid

What happened yesterday JF?

WBC - RCMP finest

Report Submitted by Jean-Francois
(trip) Date: Monday Feb 27, 2023

Submitted: Monday Feb 27, 2023 at 15:35


Just me


While driving to WBC, I was reflecting on yesterday’s incident between 2 skiers and how crazy things can escalate and how peaceful would be a ski on a Monday. Arriving at the parking lot, I saw 2 RCMP cars and I thought there were there for yesterday’s incident. Then I saw a big Range Rover straddling a bench….I understood it was the car of a drunk driver…..just wondering what will be next?

Regarding the ski, conditions were pretty good after the weekend’s traffic and I skied Hostel loop (CW, lostg of boot prints), Moose loop (CCW), Mt View W, Mt Road, Moose Connector, Loggers and E Crystal. Tracks were firm and fast.

It was -11c at 10:00am and V45 Swix worked well, -5C when I finished

Total distance: 28.00 Km

Hostel loop


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