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2021-11-26 - comment by SkierRoger

In response to BA's question, there are other ways to find trip reports for an area without having to sort through everything.

Please consider the Search by Area feature (see screen shot below). This will allow you to quickly identify all trip reports related to your area of interest.

2021-11-26 - comment by BA

Thanks Roger, Is there a way to view the list of trip reports without the pictures? I find that with the pictures it's a lot of scrolling to find out if anyone has recently been on the trial that I want to ski.

2021-11-26 - comment by JimB

Hey Roger - Thanks for your efforts on this page! It always seems easier to complain rather than compliment so I just wanted to pass along kudos!

2021-11-26 - comment by SkierRoger

Hi Steve.
Yes I can make that very sensible change.

As always, thanks for the input.

2021-11-26 - comment by SteveR

It makes sense to me to have priority for trip reports on the home page, with comments accessed separately so that they don't crowd out the reports. One further enhancement might be to have the number of comments on a particular trip (if any) shown along with the brief description that appears under each trips "cover photo". Not a priority, and I've no idea about how to make that work.
I'll use Mike's post as an example:

Skogan Pass FKSA
Submitted by Mike W
Area(s): Kananaskis - Skogan Pass -
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 24, 2021
Comments- 8

Version 2.0 for Trial

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 25, 2021

Submitted: Thursday Nov 25, 2021


I want to thank everyone for your patience over the past few weeks as we stress-tested the SkierRoger website.

I've received many comments and suggestions. In particular, I would like to thank Chuck who is highly motivated to have a good product for the benefit of the entire XC skiing community.

Thus far, over 100 trip reports have been posted and I've enjoyed reading them all. Actually, what I like most is seeing all the pictures!

The most common request I've had is to modify the reporting structure so that all reports & comments can be viewed in a cohesive and ordered way. That's a very reasonable expectation and the challenge comes in automating the process, particularly since I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box.

Tonight fellow skiers, I'm unveiling version 2.0 of this website with hopes of getting one step closer to that goal.

Here are the changes:

> Summaries of all Trip Reports are shown on the main page in the order they were submitted (just press Home to get there). If you click on any heading or picture, the entire report appears including comments.

> All Comments can be viewed by clicking the Comments button near the top of the page. They too are presented in the order they were submitted. If you click on any comment, the entire trip report will appear along with all other associated comments.

I really hope you like the new format. However if you don't, rest assured that the previous version can be brought back easy enough..

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