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2023-03-02 at 11:03 - comment by NotDeadYet

Reply re trail width.

No, it is not that wide all the way to Skoki Lodge. There are sections below Boulder Pass and between Deception Pass and the lodge that are narrower: maybe 5 feet wide, but I didn't measure. In both these locations, one could safely descend off trail in the powder between the trees with suitable gear. But ascent would be tricky without good wax, possibly fish scales, or skins. I side stepped a few short (5 metre) distances both up and down.
JackB managed fine with V30 on Feb 03, 2023, but he's a much better skier than me. I'm not a skate skier. Hope this helps.

2023-03-01 at 19:32 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Not dead yet,

You must be far off from being dead if you can ski to Skoki and back in a day. A 9.5 hour day is pretty good when you are skiing over 8000 feet above sea level and climbing well over 3000 feet on cold winter snow, not to mention hanging out in the Lodge like skiing Royalty.

I personally feel the thin air way up on Deception Pass when I ski it unless I have being doing a lot of downhill on the Summit Lift at Lake Louise.

The picture showing the big wide snowmobile track in the Pika Meadow by Halfway Hut/Corral Creek looks real tempting for those skate skiers with iron legs. Is the trail that wide all the way to Skoki Lodge?

2023-03-01 at 16:45 - comment by ulrikeski

Great report and photos. Glad to find out that snow conditions have improved there from the hard packed wind blasted conditions in January/early February.

Skoki Lodge Day Trip

Report Submitted by NotDeadYet
(trip) Date: Tuesday Feb 28, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Mar 01, 2023 at 15:21


Me solo


Yesterday, I return skied to Skoki Lodge near the Lake Louise ski area: a trip I have done many times. Its one of my favourite (mostly AVI-safe) back-country tours.
Overall the conditions were very good with a dusting of new snow over a reported 17cms in the past 4 days by the resort. Temperatures varied from -16c start to -6c finish with negligible wind (which is rare) and good sunny views before lunch. It took me 9 1/2 hours for this 28km tour with 1100m elevation gain. This was slow (I'm old).
I started from the empty trail head parking lot using my usual half-length skins on a pair of vintage tele-skis. While the ski-out has been rolled it remains closed to downhill resort skiers which made for a nice end of the day controlled descent without an endless snowplough.
As always the scenery beyond the resort was excellent and included distant views of Mt Temple and nearer views of Mts. Richardson, Pika, Fossil, Redoubt plus Ptarmigan Lake. As always, the lodge staff were welcoming and permitted use of their warm dining room for my picnic lunch. Many overnight visitors use a variety of gear including snowshoes. Unless you are a very confident skier, I would recommended something sturdier than track skies for descent control on the rutted skier set trail.
A lovely day.

Total distance: 28.00 Km

Mt Temple from ski out

Trail near the halfway hut

Skoki Lodge dining room and lounge area.


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