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2021-11-29 - comment by Cassaym

It was so nice to meet you all!! Hope to see you again on the trails. 😊

Great Divide was well worth the drive today: Friday 10 am Minus 3

Report Submitted by Helen Read
(trip) Date: Friday Nov 26, 2021

Submitted: Friday Nov 26, 2021


First Meanderthal Ski Trip of the year c 4 keen seniors


Could not believe our luck arriving to a parking lot full of 14+ cms powder. Was glad I'd thrown in the Traction Aides for the tires in case the Sante Fe got stuck. We had either twins skins or fish scales and only my fish scales started to freeze up where fish scales end and ice likes to form.....no reflection of any speedy pace!!! Met Frank, one of the three groomers working at LL, and he was recipient of a few dunking cookies. Had a delightful lunch shelter, meeting three young Canmore ladies at the shelter, two of whom work in our wonderful healthcare system and one who publishes the magazine 51 North, if memory is correct. Was zero C. upon our return and very few people on the trail, but enjoyed meeting our Head of the Meanderthals, and ski instructor, John Reeves, his wife and friends. Love Version 2 of website, Roger and thank you Chuck. You don't miss a "k"


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