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2023-03-08 at 22:27 - comment by Diana Piggott

I did ski the south loop today, and it has been a while since it was groomed (Elbow/Iron Springs). I would say conditions are very good there, and pretty good to Snagmore, but hard packed from there to the Fullerton trailhead, with some ice on the last downhill.

2023-03-08 at 20:07 - comment by Frances Dances

The reason why the Telephone Loop is not any good is because they allow everybody and their cat on it. I appreciate the democracy of this but they sure wrecked one of the premier trails in Alberta for the skiers.

WBC network except Telephone

Report Submitted by gh
(trip) Date: Tuesday Mar 07, 2023

Submitted: Tuesday Mar 07, 2023 at 20:10


Just me.


I skied most of the network today. There is a already a fine report on conditions on Iron Springs/Creek. The conditions on the rest of the network (Bragg Creek Trails) is really good. Coverage is excellent everywhere, even in the sunny places. There were no icy sections and it was cool enough today that there was no melting. Conditions will be great tomorrow.

Nordic pulse indicates that the south loop of Iron Springs - Elbow was groomed last night. That is not the case. The grooming there is the same as Elbow down to Fullerton parking (done by Parks). I did ski down as far as the Elbow River escarpment (Snagmore junction). Conditions were okay on the south loop. Walker damage increases as one gets closer to Fullerton. The set track, though, was decent all the way down.

Total distance: 41.80 Km


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