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2023-03-09 at 21:28 - comment by gh

It was good to meet you as well Chuck. It was a really nice day out there. Carole took some fine pictures of the Wolverine tracks too.

2023-03-09 at 20:59 - comment by Chuck

Oops, forgot to mention meeting Carole and Jamie, along with their impressive counterpart... the infamous GH.
Looking forward to our next chat!

PARADISE VALLEY - Following the Wolverine

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Thursday Mar 09, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Mar 09, 2023 at 20:37


Consider this report as an extension to our report from yesterday, March 8.
We had seen wolverine tracks, but chose not to report it then. As Parks Canada later confirmed that a wolverine had been in the area that morning, I decided to take another look this morning.
Wow... once I got beyond recent skier tracks, there was evidence of lots of activity... especially at the bottom of the avalanche paths... but unfortunately I did not get a photo of him.
Another wonderful blue sky day on green wax (ie Cold Snow)!

So many options

Continuing from where we left off yesterday

Paradise... with the sun finally above Mt. Temple

Even the Wolverine prefers to return to the skier set track!

With the skier set track on the wrong side of the creek, I chose to turn back at this avalanche path (note what the last avalanche did to this tree!)

Chip and others leaving Paradise down the creek.


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