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2023-03-11 at 20:07 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Chuck,

If you spent less time eating pizza you probably could have blown into Haiduk Lake in 60 minutes or less judging by your GPS speed. The trail was fat ski tracked to Haiduk before last Monday. Coming out of Haiduk is fast to Shadow Lake Lodge.

An innovative way to get more time to ski would be to make a pizza beer smoothie well blended and put it into a water bottle with a drinking tube so you get the food calories you need while skiing. This will enable your numbers on the GPS to get ratcheted up higher. I know quality beer on pizza is tasty.

The first time I ever ate pizza was in high school. I put some beer on top as I figured it would improve the taste. Everyone at the table freaked out until they tried it. Then it became a culinary addition. That was a classic moment in life.

Different craft beers give a different taste on pizza. Go lightly on the beer for an initial taste. Don't forget to add it to your dough batter as well. It will give good calories for skiing long days and help pump up those GPS numbers.

2023-03-11 at 18:13 - comment by Carole

Glorious day up to the Red Chairs past Shadow Lake Lodge and another fun conversation with Chuck.

Trail between campground and junction to Shadow Lake

Junction to Shadow Lake

Bridge at Shadow Lake

Red chair picture inspired by Buck Millions from recent post

2023-03-11 at 17:19 - comment by ulrikeski

Fast skiing, Chuck. Considering time well spent chatting in the lodge and lounging in the red chair w. beer and pizza. Well done!


Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Saturday Mar 11, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Mar 11, 2023 at 16:55


Consider this an extension to my January 15 trip to the Redearth Warden Cabin.
Conditions today were good, except for that same ice flow previously reported.
Lots of skiers chose to pick Saturday, the day between guests arriving and guests leaving... good choice. I understand that the trail is trackset on Thursday evenings.
I was warmly welcomed at the Lodge by Evelyn and Mitch. Ryan, the new chef is getting rave reviews... it was Beef Tenderloin for supper last night!
While I made a personal best time, Sue and Caroline both passed me while skiing... okay, I chat a lot too!

Trying to pass Carole and Jamie on the way to the lake!

Taking time for a well deserved beer and pizza at the Red Chairs!

Guests at the Lodge seemed to have returned for a midday break

I should have brought my own whisky... I was welcome!

Remembering how our return was blocked back in April 2017

Car to Car, my time was 4 hours 48 minutes.


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