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2023-03-13 at 19:31 - comment by MaSid

Helen, I always find telephone easiest/safest immediately following a good cold snowfall over top of a decent base, giving lots of control and smooth descents while still relatively easy trail breaking (if nobody ahead of you).

2023-03-13 at 18:37 - comment by SkierRoger

Jolynn and I were Moose Looping it today. So sorry to have missed both Helen, Mike and Steve R. Next time I hope.

Some spotted a moose or two, not us though.

Here are a few more pictures of WBC

Nice day. Nice trail conditions

Met lots of other skiers today

Better half

2023-03-13 at 16:41 - comment by SteveR

Skied and talked with Mike for a while, as well as two other Skier Bob/Roger reporters ,but missed you! We must have started at about the same time.

Met MIKE W for a fleeting moment as we both headed up Telephone Loop CCW

Report Submitted by Helen Read
(trip) Date: Monday Mar 13, 2023

Submitted: Monday Mar 13, 2023 at 16:08


Just me


Started around 10 am and -10. Wanted to catch as much cold snow as possible. I hope Mike posts also because I was "done" after that arduous 15 kms loop, and he likely did the entire Moose Loop also! It was my second time doing it ever and noting the Sunday grooming (T-Y Groomers), I decided late last night to "jump" on it. After 3 fat bikes and one dog passed me early on; I saw no one for the majority of this "backcountry" loop until I came out to the Old Shell Road, where I could have passed out on the picnic table had it not been occupied. Definitely the right way to tackle this loop and only took off my skis once to walk down one steep hill. The West side track is nice to arrive at, although still alot of ups and downs. I remember Skier Bob first peaking my interest in skiing this loop, but at 75+, it could be my last time.

Total distance: 15.00 Km


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