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2021-11-28 - comment by Sara M

Chuck - it was the tales of your adventures that inspired me!
Roger - Fortunately for my body, today is a work-on-homework day

2021-11-27 - comment by Chuck

You accomplished more with your track skis last year than many of us were proud to do with our light touring skis, so we're looking forward reading of your next adventures.

2021-11-27 - comment by SkierRoger

Wow Sarah!

What an incredible day!

Will you do all over it again tomorrow?

Sleep well

Lots of skiing at Louise and O'Hara!

Report Submitted by Sara M
(trip) Date: Saturday Nov 27, 2021

Submitted: Saturday Nov 27, 2021


just me


I was the silly skier who skated in the fresh snow at Lake Louise today! I started from the O'Hara end of the 1A and I was mostly breaking trail until the last few km before the main parking lot. Tons of para skiers out on this trail today, as the World Cup in Canmore is soon. I skied down Tramline (double trackset, to my disappointment. But that was a problem for future Sara) to MLR. I thought more people would have skated here, but I was back to breaking trail all the way to the top! Luckily, the fresh snow was cold and light, and the base underneath was pretty solid and fast. On the way down, I spotted Chuck and had a chat. All too soon, I was double-poling up Tramline. Hardest kilometer of the day? The return along the 1A was well-packed to the divide, and then much less packed for the remainder back to my car. There, I switched to my new LT gear that I was keen to test out and headed up the road to Lake O'Hara. Some other skiers had broken trail up to the halfway picnic table and then turned around. Luckily there was only a few centimeters of fresh snow over the old tracks beyond this point so I didn't get slowed down too much. By the time I got to the lake, it was windy and snowing so there wasn't much to do but head back down again! 64km total for today and I'm very happy with my new skis.

Not much of a view for the new skis at O'Hara this afternoon


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