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2021-11-30 - comment by frances dances

to Chuck: not much detective work will be required by you for this one, Chuck

2021-11-30 - comment by Chuck

Which one were you?
Hope you introduce yourself next time, Frances.
Ski you out there.

Great Divide to BC border, return, Tramline, Bow River Loop Righthand side to Village

Report Submitted by frances dances
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 29, 2021

Submitted: Tuesday Nov 30, 2021


The track setting that had been completed on the 28th, got rained and snowed on thereafter. The skiff of snow that aid before us covered what appeared to be three trackset trails.One of these tracks was skier tracked for us and we met the young ladies further on as they were coming back. The trail breaking stopped after some distance and we were required to resume the actiivity ourselves until the BC border. Along the way we met Chuck and Jeanette. We met them again on the way back while they were in the middle of a photo shoot. Despite the previous rain, fresh snow and mild temperatures, no one suffered clumping on their skis. The Great Divide has been at least skier tracked all the way to The Ohara parking lot as I believe That is where Chuck & Company started and further tracked by a very energetic individual who was wearing a team jacket. The Lake Louise track setters have their work cut out for them as there have been many trees that heae been pushed down by the snow across the Tramline. All the obstacles have been skied around but often this has meant that the skier has to balance himself on the trunk or has to remove his skis.Unsurprisingly, this adds alot of time to the trip. Otherwise, skiing was great: the lighing was beautiful and Chuck should have come up with some pretty good pictures. There were further encroaching trees on the Bow River Loop, on the right hand side of the river as it meanders its way to the Lake Louise Road.


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