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2023-09-20 at 08:52 - comment by Arie

Maybe the spruce grouse has been strategically placing rocks on the trail all summer, trying to create booby-traps for skiers?

2023-09-18 at 17:42 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for putting in all that hard work, Bob!

Looks like you were rewarded with a beautiful day. I’m certain many skiers will benefit from your efforts this upcoming ski season.

Picking rocks on Redearth Creek

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Sep 14, 2023 at 23:33


Ski season is just around the corner but the trails aren't ready. As I rode my bike to the warden's cabin on Redearth Creek in Banff National Park, I removed about 50 sizeable rocks along the way. Growing up on a farm, I have lots of experience at this. There are still many rocks left, especially on the first 2K, if you're so inclined to go out and join the fun.

With the heavy use of this trail, the embedded rocks are exposing more of themselves. Go prepared with a small pry bar to dig some of those out but if it leaves a depression, fill it in. If you're really gung-ho, a pick-axe and a few sticks of dynamite would also do a good job.(Just kidding) :)

At 1K, I was thrilled to see a Spruce Grouse in full military regalia but he wasn't aggressive.

There are a few mudholes along the way, especially a big one as you leave the campground, but I was able to skirt all of them.

Another trail which is notorious for rocks is Cascade Valley.

The first kilometre always has lots of big rocks. It's also the section of trail which has the least snow.

Beautiful spruce grouse

One more rock removed

The first high point on the trail at 5.4K and 200 metres net elevation

Fall colours are starting to appear.

The turn-off to Shadow Lake Lodge at 10.3K

A cabin in the woods

Pharoah creek flows in to Redearth Creek at the warden's cabin

Approaching the campground at 7K

This small pry bar can be carried in my backpack. Leather gloves are a good thing to have. Photo is from 2020 in Cypress Hills where I removed 1500 rocks from the Ridgetop trail.

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