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2021-11-30 - comment by ErinP

Fairview was the place to be this morning, that’s for sure! You can’t get smoother skiing, prettier surroundings, and more comfortable temps than that. SkierPoppa and I ventured out for a few minutes onto MLR, but we turned around at the bridge because the conditions on Fairview were just too good (and my skins were threatening to ice up in the deep snow). Good luck to the groomers once this week’s big snowfall ends, and let’s hope we don’t have to venture all the way out to LL for skiing next week!

2021-11-30 - comment by Ray Yong

I was skiing on skin skis with relatively fresh glide wax. I ended up adding some liquid glide wax I keep with me, and that made a big difference. It was definitely stickier the lower you got, which makes sense.

I was only the third person or so on the trail when I started, so it was sticky even higher up, but about 30 people had skied on it by the time I did my second round, and conditions were better.

2021-11-30 - comment by Gord F

Are you guys on waxless skis? Sounds like the snow has a lot of moisture right now.

Doing Something Right - Fairview

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Tuesday Nov 30, 2021

Submitted: Tuesday Nov 30, 2021


Ray Yong


You know you're on the right trail when you run into both Helen Read AND Chuck! Not much to add to Ray's report. Fairview was beautifully trackset yesterday, and there was 2-3 cm of fresh, wet snow on that this morning when I started at 0945. The wet snow made for slightly sticky conditions, primarily below the first hill, but otherwise everything was perfect.

When I saw MLR wasn't trackset, I decided to just do Fairview twice. I didn't realize that by doing so, it ended up being just over 18km with about 320m of ascent, which is essentially the same as doing MLR. Just prettier.


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