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2021-12-02 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

For Helen et al

I can let you know how the parking lot was on Monday if no one else reports for you.

The parking lot was mostly compact snow with about 12 cm of loose snow off the tracks. My old school car had no problem going through the snow but I have studded tires. The road intersection to the parking lot had some snow plow snow pushed at the road entrance, up to 45 cm in height, which my low riding econo box Toyota car bottomed out on. Expect up to 15 cm new snow on top of what snow was there if Parks did not plow the parking lot.

If the Pipestone trails have not been trackset since Monday, expect filled or worn out tracks. My guess is that Parks will groom the trails on Friday afternoon as they did last Friday (50-50 chance anyways). Expect no less than 6 trees down on the Blue 20 trail going clockwise up to the Pipestone River horse/backpacking trail exit. I would expect more fallen trees by now as there were significant widow makers hanging over the trail in some places. On Monday, trees were loaded with snow bombs. Any wind will likely make the bombs reign down on the trail which could pound your head 2 feet into the snowpack if you get hit. I had to stop in safe tree overhang free locations on Monday when light winds and the sun hit the trees and bombs reigned down. My neck was a little sore from looking straight up as I skied. The pine trees had the biggest and most dangerous bombs.

I did a number of tree bomb tests on spruce and pine trees by kicking trees that were leaning with my skis. They snow bombs fell out easily. I chose leaning trees so the bombs would not hit me like a Nazi WW II air raid.

Ski safe with your head up especially if you see any trees tops swaying in any wind.

2021-12-02 - comment by Helen Read

Like Democratize AB, I would love to know about Pipestone: both the parking lot condition and if anyone was there today. I refresh Parks reports but see no change all day. Thanks as wanting to head there tomorrow. Thanks Democratize for posting on skierroger.ca

Please Check Redearth Creek

Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Thursday Dec 02, 2021

Submitted: Thursday Dec 02, 2021





Could someone please drive by Redearth Creek trail parking lot to determine if the trail was snowmobile packed?

I drove to it on Monday, after Parks Canada said it was snowmobile packed and it was not snowmobile packed from what I could determine from the parking lot. I can no longer rely on Parks Canada trail reports as there is too many inaccuracies or too much fake information, which is very typical of our poor Government these days unfortunately.

I would appreciate the drive by and information.

Ski Cheers


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