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2021-12-07 - comment by gh

Today I skied out as far as the Goat Creek bridge (from Banff). Conditions were still reasonably good to the "bus shelter". Walkers have messed up the trail between the track setting but only a couple made it as far as the "bus shelter". After that conditions were quite good.

SPRAY RIVER and GOAT CREEK - Trackset and Packed

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Monday Dec 06, 2021

Submitted: Monday Dec 06, 2021


Trackset from Banff to Goat Creek, but just packed beyond there to the Canmore end.
Starts off thin on Spray West but the snow condition improves dramatically the further up you go.
Temperature was around minus 9, and my Green wax worked nicely.

Glad I started before the walkers who can't read!

Spray River

Nice tracksetting... Thanks Don

Goat Creek

Time to return

Always fascinates me how Sarah gets Blair into a fighten mood!


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