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2021-12-06 - comment by Helen Read

Great to see you again Erin and I skied to kms 8.5 where the stand of big trees often tempts people to stop. Your track made it easier for my return. Guess we should have waited for Ray and the track-setter. I left him some broken cookies that were in my pocket all ready to meet up with him but never did. Left them at the gate marked with good old orange flagging tape!

Cascade just past the bridge

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Monday Dec 06, 2021

Submitted: Monday Dec 06, 2021


A wonderful morning on Cascade! The tracks were faster than I had experienced in the Lake Louise area over the past few weeks, and green wax was perfect. I had read that there was just one (uphill) track yesterday, so the downhill track must have been brand new. It ended just beyond the bridge at the campground loop, and the 1.5km that I did beyond that spot was in deep snow with inconsistent skier-set tracks and deep foot/hoof prints. The new track on the way back was a bit less smooth than the well-skied uphill track, but I’m sure it has been smoothed out by now. A great ski overall!


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