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2021-12-10 - comment by Tanya K

Thanks Chuck. We're staying at Baker Creek this weekend.

2021-12-09 - comment by Chuck

Hi Tanya,
Castle Lookout to Castle Junction is only skier tracked… not trackset yet.
Have a great ski season,

2021-12-09 - comment by Tanya K

Chuck did you happen to see if it was also trackset from the Lookout to the junction? Thx!

BAKER CREEK to CASTLE LOOKOUT - Improved Conditions

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Thursday Dec 09, 2021

Submitted: Thursday Dec 09, 2021


With confirmed tracksetting all the way, and 3 to 5 cms of new snow, this was our choice today.
Blue wax worked well with the temperature around minus 7 all day.
Very quiet, only 7 others out on the trail.

Starting at Baker Creek

Most icy patches are covered by the new snow now

Take care on this little bridge (it needs a tarp to hold snow)

Greg & Laurie also love this trail

Workers are removing some trees that threaten the power line

Keith and Heather enjoy the great glide on cold fresh snow today


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