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2021-12-11 - comment by Sara M

Democracy - I don't know how far ahead of yourself you could see, but there was a big tree across the trail just ahead of where you turned around. That tree was right at the trail junction! You were so close. As for the elk bits, they seem to be multiplying. There were two legs above the snow, another unidentified chunk below the snow that had been dug down towards, and a skull with antlers leaning against a nearby tree.

2021-12-11 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Sara,

Good trip eh! I am glad someone had the opportunity to enjoyed my tracks.

I am shocked I broke trail within 1 Km of the Cuthead Cabin. I could have swore I was 2km away at night. If I knew that I would have kept going. My night spidy senses are a little out of wack these days.

Did you see the elk leg somewhere around Elk Trap?

Ski ya later.

Cascade Fire Road to Cuthead Cabin

Report Submitted by Sara M
(trip) Date: Friday Dec 10, 2021

Submitted: Friday Dec 10, 2021




I decided to take advantage of Mr Democracy's tracks and headed up the Cuthead warden cabin. I used my new LT skis, but I could have gotten away with my track skis without too many issues! Decently good (but not particularly fast) conditions on the groomed section, then I was on to Mr Democracy's tracks under a couple centimeters of fresh snow. He made a fantastic track to follow, turning around less than 1km from the cabin. After a brief bit of easy trailbreaking, I had lunch on the cabin porch before making the long trek back down the valley. Good old V40 did the trick for kick today.

The wolves and I are grateful for the tracks!

Cuthead Cabin

Big bull elk by the Stoney cabin


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