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2021-12-12 - comment by frances dances

Skiers should have enough clothes with them to survive the conditions that they are in when they get hurt. One should be able to stay comfortable for at least one hour.

2021-12-10 - comment by Helen Read

Fortunately this year, I am able to carry my husband's InReach that he uses for sailing in summer. For a few dollars more, we are continuing to keep it active during the winter. I am sorry I was not on this same trail to help this person.

The Buddy System

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Friday Dec 10, 2021

Submitted: Friday Dec 10, 2021


Today, I received an email from a reader whose friend recently experienced a medical problem on a XC ski trail. I'm not privy to the details but was asked to post the following:

“A little reminder to all that use these trails to please show compassion and please don't turn your back on someone if they are injured in an area not easily accessible for recovery or medical assistance.”


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