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2021-12-11 - comment by SteveR

Troll Falls parking isn't an ideal solution, as it can be filled to overflowing (was it possibly expanded this summer?), and the trail trampled into a cobblestone-like surface.

2021-12-11 - comment by Mike W

Or park at the Troll Falls trailhead to avoid crossing the road.

Hidden trail- Nakiska traverse

Report Submitted by brewsdalton
(trip) Date: Saturday Dec 11, 2021

Submitted: Saturday Dec 11, 2021




Skied up skogan pass . Nice fluffy new snow, but a bit skicky on the bases & poor glide. Not sure its been noted elsewhere but the route we usually take; park at ribbon, ski up hidden trail & traverse the bottom of Nakiska to access the skogan climb by the bottom of the lowest chair is now blocked by fencing. When you approach Nakiska on Hidden, you run into construction fencing (8' high) that forces you to the parking lot. When we tried to go between the ticket booth and day lodge a staff member told us we couldn't ski through unless we paid a $5 fee. We were directed to access the trail from the lower parking lot, which didn't seem easy to get to without taking off skiis and walking. We skirted around the fencing in woods and eventually skiied down to the lower lot, found a trail that lead to the lower chair (no fencing there) and then accessed the trail . Next time I'll take hidden to the first junction, then take troll falls trail accross the road to avoid Nakiska. Maybe a better option anyway except having to cross the road.


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