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2021-12-11 - comment by Mike W

PS Sticky snow is also a problem with waxed skis!

2021-12-11 - comment by Mike W

Hi Kathy - I assume your waxless skis have a patterned grip zone, rather than skins. Whenever I use that type of ski, I always apply liquid glide wax to the entire ski, including the grip zone. For the grip zone, you have to be careful to only apply in tip-to-tail direction so you don't gobs of wax filling up the pattern. Wait for the wax to dry, and then brush it until the base is shiny. Instructions should come with the wax. It should be available at any ski store. You can get a "universal" wax for any temperature, or temperature-specific waxes.

2021-12-11 - comment by Ray Yong

I tend to ski with skin skis, and my wife likes her waxless skis. I always have a scraper (https://www.sail.ca/en/swix-scraper-for-wax-klister-508154) with me, as well as some liquid glide wax (https://www.amazon.ca/SWIX-Glide-Liquid-Stick-Color/dp/B00O4H6GRQ/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=swix+glide+box&qid=1639021797&sr=8-7).

When things get sticky I'll scrape off the snow/ice and apply the glide to the non-grip parts of the skis. That being said, I also apply regular glide wax to those areas throughout the season just as part of the regular ski mtce cycle.

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Report Submitted by Kathy Y
(trip) Date: Saturday Dec 11, 2021

Submitted: Saturday Dec 11, 2021


The parking lot was open, the trail was groomed to the creek bed and there was lots of snow. Unfortunately this afternoon it was really sticky, especially for waxless skis...any tips (besides getting waxed skis:-) on how to survive sticky snow? Here's to another season of great skiing!!


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