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2021-12-13 - comment by KenH

From www.albertaparks.ca: “ Dec 13th: Over the weekend, between 10 and 20 cm's of snow fell in PLPP, depending on elevation and exposure, though less snow accumulated in many place due to strong winds, and overhanging trees. This new snow should allow some snowcat grooming at lower elevations this week, and likely some track setting on some of the south end trails. ”

Finally enough snow for Pocaterra?

Report Submitted by JimB
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 12, 2021

Submitted: Monday Dec 13, 2021


Tried PLPP from Pocaterra Hut yesterday afternoon. Up Pocaterra and a bit of Lynx, then back on Come Along and Rolly Road. No grooming today so followed sometimes good, sometimes not, skier trackset on 5-10 cm of new snow. Very quiet, saw a total of 5 other skiers all day. Hope the groomers have enough to work with now to set some tracks before next weekend.

Interesting skier track set?

Moose sighting


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