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2021-12-14 - comment by gh

Thanks Bob.

2021-12-13 - comment by Bob Truman

Hi gh, Castle Junction to Castle Lookout is maintained by Castle Mountain Chalets. Their snowmobile was destroyed in a fire last summer while being stored. They are expecting a new sled to arrive this week, so we might see some grooming soon.

Castle Lookout to Baker Creek plus a bit towards Castle Junction

Report Submitted by gh
(trip) Date: Monday Dec 13, 2021

Submitted: Monday Dec 13, 2021


just me


It was pretty quiet on the trail today. I saw just 6 other skiers. Conditions on the groomed trail from the Lookout parking to Baker Creek lodge are quite good. There are a few willows poking out here and there but not enough to impede progress. There is one small dip (tiny creek crossing) near the Protection Mountain campground that has not filled in yet but there is no open water to contend with, just a 1 m deep dip that most people are side stepping down and up. I did not see any ski tracks north west of the lodge heading towards Lake Louise. I skied around there a bit looking but there were just some walker tracks. I was not making much progress so I headed back. I skied a couple of km from Castle Lookout parking towards Castle Junction. There has been no grooming there (likely won't be happening until close to Loppet time) but the skier track is reasonable to follow. The snow is deep enough that small basket poles would not be much fun on that section.


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