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2021-12-14 - comment by SkierRoger

You're a good mom meadowdiana

Maple Ridge

Report Submitted by meadowdiana
(trip) Date: Tuesday Dec 14, 2021

Submitted: Tuesday Dec 14, 2021


First ski of the season at Maple Ridge today and first time ever using a pulk. The trail was only skier set but thankfully someone before me broke trail. There are a couple sections that are almost bare so you will need to go off ‘trail' or risk some scratches. Overall the trails were fair considering they haven't been groomed, there are couple areas where the skier set is quick and smooth and others where there is a chaotic crossing of broken and unbroken trails as skiers try to figure out which track they should be in. It is hard to distinguish in these sections what the correct route is. Hopefully the trail will be groomed and track set soon, making pulling a pulk much easier.


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