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2021-12-15 - comment by SteveR

We also skied many of those trails today. Two rock infested spots come to mind:
-The short downhill on Moose connector, immediately north of Mountain Road.
-The S-turn downhill (if going CW) on the south leg of Moose, where it drops down to the "meadows".
As we were going up both of those hills, I stopped and removed rocks from both, and at other random spots along the way, but there are more. Conditions are nonetheless very good overall. We had no regrets about using the good skis.

2021-12-15 - comment by Jean-Francois

On the trails I skied today, I saw a few rocks but most of them are avoidable.

2021-12-15 - comment by GMJ

Is it safe to take good skis yet?


Report Submitted by Jean-Francois
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 15, 2021

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 15, 2021


Just me


A chilly -15C at noonish today.

Skied Hostel loop (a few of snow on recent grooming), Moose loop, Moose connector, Loggers, Sundog, East Crystal and Middle Crystal.

V20 Swix was perfect for grip and the glide was very nice.

All the trails are in excellent conditions (many thanks groomers) except Moose connector (dirt is showing in many areas)




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