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2021-12-15 - comment by Diana Piggott

Mr. Democracy, you always make me smile, and especially this one! I can't imagine you skiing such tame terrain.
I do agree that some tracksetters are way too enthusiastic, and particularly here.


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(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 15, 2021

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 15, 2021


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Well blow me away. The City of Calgary has already trackset Bowness Park. There is only around 7 cm of snow on the ground in much of the park but someone was really gun hoe to trackset. The skiing is fair to fairly good on the shallow trackset and fairly good to good on the groomed. The trackset in some places is grassy but one just has to step onto the groomed to avoid base scratches or grass stains on the ski bases. In places where the ski trail is next to the walking trail, the walking trail snow remover blew gravel on the groomed ski trail.

Now if it was me on the snowmobile in Bowness Park, I would have just groomed the trail without tracksetting in order to build a better snow base. After 5 cm or more of new snow I would have then trackset the trails. This would have been ideal but I don't imagine the City has any Ski Resort Operation and Management grads to provide guidance. But I do respect what they did out there to get things skiable. The Banff National Park Superintendent could learn lessons from these City of Calgary tracksetters on how to get the early season skiing going. There are too many trails in Banff that should be trackset but are not.

Bravo City of Calgary Parks Department. Just groom first, let the snow base sinter or harden for 24 hours at least and then when it snows again, at least 5 cm, trackset the trail to make for a better snow base under the trackset. The skiing citizens will love you more if you do it that way.

Bowness Park will be in good condition once 5 cm of more wet snow falls under the trees. Enjoy your free ski ride.


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