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2021-12-18 at 16:59 - comment by SteveR

We also skied all those same trails and agree about the excellent conditions. By the time we were underway at about 10:30- the shared trails had seen a bit of traffic by walkers, bikers and snowshoers, but generally they had followed "the rules" with little to no effect for the most part on the ski quality. Kudos! The only exception to that would be on Link, which had some pitting in the downhill lane from walkers and a struggling fat biker. The snow was soft though, so I think those may well be snowplowed out by now.


Report Submitted by Jean-Francois
(trip) Date: Saturday Dec 18, 2021

Submitted: Saturday Dec 18, 2021 at 14:15


Me and Geoff


A balmy -8C at 9am and only a handful of cars in Ribbon Creek parking lot

We skied Coal Mine, Ribbon Creek, Kovach, Terrace Link, Aspen and Terrace to go back to the car

With the exception of Coal Mine and Terrace Link all the trails were groomed last night and were in perfect conditions (first time ever I did not see a single footprint on Ribbon Creek). Coal Mine and Terrace Link were in great shape with a skiff of snow over older grooming. Coal mine had been roller packed on one side for fat bikes)

With such perfect grooming all the descent were very safe and fun (particularly the S turns on Ribbon creek). There is a bit of dirt on Kovach close to the junction with Aspen but nothing to worry about.

The glide was very nice and V40 Swix / Blue provided excellent grip.

Coal Mine

Ribbon Creek

No boot prints on Ribbon Creek!

Coming up Kovach

Fat bikers


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