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2021-12-20 at 08:31 - comment by AaronF

Interesting! Is that down by the golf course? Did you ski back up to behind the Fairmont, or do you have to walk sections? I've done Spray East/West many times, but have never quite figured out how to complete a fully track set loop and so usually just make it a horseshoe shaped out-and-back!

2021-12-19 at 15:31 - comment by Helen Read

Good on you Chuckley and Karl for skiing down those hills; generally I take off my skis and walk down but perhaps you had super snow to slow the descent.

Spray West, Spray East, with an Old Quarry finisher

Report Submitted by chuckley
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Submitted: Sunday Dec 19, 2021 at 13:57


Chuckley and Karl


2 cm fresh on trails this morning refreshed them nicely.

New to me: When skiing north on Spray East we continued to the base of two nice straight downhills and then turned left to connect to Old Quarry Loop along the Spray River and skied south to a bridge to get back to Spray West. After turning left the hills down from Spray East were intermediate calibre but very safe with no obstacles or sharp turns. Another beautiful ski in paradise. -10C to -8C.


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