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2021-12-20 at 16:47 - comment by Normand

Thanks Chuck. Unfortunately, I haven't had much chance to ski this year so far, but it's part of one of my annual steep trail-breaking pilgrimages.

2021-12-20 at 16:13 - comment by Chuck

Mr. Normand,
We are awaiting your traditional trail breaking continuing up to Gibbon Pass!

Mr. Democracy,
Actually, another real benefit of SkierRoger's site is that you can easily edit your own posts... no need to be haunted by past mistakes!

2021-12-20 at 13:08 - comment by Normand

Your broken ski trail along the shoreline of Shadow Lake enticed me to carry on past the bridge, in the hope to capture a better shot of Mt Ball, as this one I got before arriving at the bridge first. Thanks

Mount Ball covered by clouds and fog 1 pm Sunday Dec 19.

2021-12-20 at 11:10 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

The beauty of Skier Roger's website appears to be the easy of loading up stunning pictures like what Normand and others have done.

So, that is what Mt.Ball looks like in the light eh!

As I was sitting on the deck "beach" of Shadow Lake Lodge, the night before these pictures were taken, I was entertained by numerous large rock falls and avalanches echoing through the valley. My night yodeling would not echo due to all the snow on the trees and perhaps the breeze direction, so I was happy to hear the numerous rock falls that went on for about 20 minutes. A rare sound in the dead of winter.

I was hoping to lure some one like you with my "skier track bait" to continue to break trail up Haiduk Creek which I mistakenly called Pharaoh Creek on my previous report. Maybe next time or the next skier.

Red Earth Creek & Shadow Lake winter wonderland

Report Submitted by Normand
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Submitted: Sunday Dec 19, 2021 at 22:38




With the recent track setting on Red Earth Creek (Parks Canada Trail report) and the ski by Democracy yesterday, I figured there would a crowd of skiers. No one seen today! About 7-10 cm of fresh snow on top of the most recent track setting. Trees are so much loaded with snow, that the next wind storm will make interesting to dodge white bombs while skiing. I was just planning to get to the bridge by Shadow Lake for a picture of Mount Ball, but fog and clouds prevented any view of the massive rock face. So I figured I would just ski a bit on the previous ski trail broken last night, while hoping for a decent photo. The rock face cleared somewhat when I passed the inflow of Haiduk Creek into the lake. That was good enough for me. Green wax worked well all day. It was about -17 C around the lake with a light breeze. The ski out was slower with all that fresh snow, but the skidoo packing all the way to lodge was welcomed.

Not the best shot, but still magnificent view of Mount Ball

So much snow, one week before XMAS RE9

High enough clearance with no need to tuck down.

Snow shower anyone?

That tree by Red Earth Creek and Pilot Mtn in the background is so nice.

Crossing of the mushroom caps just below Shadow Lake.


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