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2021-12-22 at 19:58 - comment by SkierRoger

Superb Shulamit

Thanks for the Post!

WBC - Winter Solstice Sunset Ski

Report Submitted by Shulamit
(trip) Date: Tuesday Dec 21, 2021

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 22, 2021 at 00:53


Just me


The temperature was a balmy 0 °C when I arrived late in the afternoon and many happy skiers were starting to head home. Completed one leisurely counter-clockwise trip around Moose Loop with the sun setting in the southwest.

Despite the day's heavy use, the trail conditions were still reasonable. Some spots were showing more hazards than a few days ago, particularly roots, pine needles or areas of dirt showing through the snow. (Take care on the curvy hill descending from Moose Connector into the loop).

Finished the ski in the long twilight with billowing pink clouds overhead and two bright planets shining near the horizon. A fine way to celebrate the winter solstice.


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