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2021-12-28 at 10:29 - comment by GordN

Much better Roger!

No truncated here lol!!

2021-12-27 at 19:48 - comment by SkierRoger

I've placed your Alamy URL into the link provided below Mr. Democracy

Hopefully it will make it easier to access.

Alamy website

2021-12-27 at 17:53 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Very nice action shot picture with the snow blasting through the air. This is how the best skier shots are taken. Great blue sky.

If you have a camera with shutter speed control, practice some photos with accentuated motion where the shutter speed is slowed and the aperture reduced. Always take lots of pictures if you can and pick the best out of the lot. You will end up with the best pictures on Skier Roger that will be hard to beat. The above photo would have been ultimate with accentuated motion.

Have a look at picture 41 of the following website showing a low angle accentuated motion picture of a lady XC skiing- cut and paste:


People call these blur pictures but that is technically not the appropriate name. It is accentuated motion according to my former photo journalist instructors. If you follow the skier with the camera and shoot, the background becomes blurred. If you shoot the scenery still, the skier becomes blurred.

A killer shot is where the background is clear and much of the skier is as well, with perhaps the exception of "blurred" arms and or legs. That is tough and requires experience.

Keep on shooting. Good skills there.

2021-12-27 at 16:50 - comment by aqua toque

Very heartwarming to see people having that much fun on skinny skis in this weather!

Cascade Valley/Bankhead - return of the sun!

Report Submitted by Ulrikeski
(trip) Date: Monday Dec 27, 2021

Submitted: Monday Dec 27, 2021 at 16:33


Me and my family


My family and I enjoyed a sunny and very scenic ski to Bankhead with 2-3 cm fresh snow on top of the previous tracksetting. We continued up the Cascade Valley to the Cascade River bridge. Minimal trail breaking in dry snow and not much glide. We were a bit late, so missed the sun in the valley. But we were dressed warm enough for the chilly shade. The big hill descent was one of the slowest I can remember. Saw a few other skiers out enjoying the sparkly day. -23C at the start,-20C back at the trailhead.


beautiful snow trees, some sun rays on Cascade fireroad


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